Collaboration 101.

I’ve been doing some research for a seminar on collaboration using blogs and wikis, as an alternative to more complex content management systems like Sharepoint or Documentum. It seemed like this might be an ideal place to capture some of the information.

Products such as Sharepoint and Documentum are both content and document management systems. They store unstructured content, links, and documents such as Word files or Excel spreadsheets. They allow documents to be checked in, checked out, and otherwise controlled. Different user privileges may be assigned to different content areas.

Blogs and wikis are adhoc repositories of unstructured content. They do not typically store documents, though some products allow documents to be stored as attachments, but the documents are not controlled. User privileges are typically reduced to either having access to the entire system or to none of it.

About Collaboration:

Why Can’t We All Just Collaborate?

About Blogs:

Definition: A blog is essentially a series of informational items displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Blogging 101 – BloggerCon Beginners Sessions
How To Blog For Fun & Profit

Blog software:

Movable Type
Blogger – A free blogging service
Typepad – A low-priced blogging service
Livejournal – A blogging community

About Wikis:

Definition: A Wiki is a collaboratively-edited website which many people also view as an anarchistic publishing tool. The distinguishing feature of wikis is that they typically allow all users to edit any page, with full freedom to edit, change and delete the work of previous authors.

Wiki 101
What Is A Wiki

Wiki software:

Wiki Wiki Web

Examples of collaborative wiki projects:

Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia
Wikinews – A Free News Source

About RSS and Atom:

Definition:RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) and Atom are formats for syndicating news, or the entries in blogs and wikis. The syndicated information is typically read in news readers.

What Is RSS?
What Is Atom?

About News Readers (or Aggregators or RSS Readers):

Definition: A application or website which allows a user to read syndicated information. Rather than read entire websites, users can opt to read only the new entries. This allows users to read many more sites efficiently. I read over 450 sites per day in this fashion.

NewsGator – Read feeds in Outlook or online
Bloglines – Read feeds online
NewzCrawler – A Windows client for reading feeds

Tools for Finding Blogs and Wikis of Interest:


About Podcasting:

Definition: Subscribers receive regular audio programs delivered via the internet, and she or he can listen to them at her or his leisure.

What is podcasting?

Well that’s a start. At some future point I’ll probably delve into this more deeply, and then post the results.

Update: I added Confluence wiki software at the suggestion of Bound By Gravity.

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