Wikify your collaboration.

I was in a seminar this morning on the use of competitive intelligence in corporate marketing. The presenter explained that they gathered the information, aggregated it, and distributed it via email. I asked if the company ever looked to see how the market evaluated and digested the message, and if they made changes as a result. She said the they listened to what the analysts and the competition said and revised their message. They weren’t looking any further than that.

This company, and many like it I’m sure, is preparing a message for the wrong people. By not looking for what users are saying about their product, they will miss a key piece of the puzzle. I suggested that they search Google for “kryptonite”. And by trusting email to get the message out among all of the other daily noise, they are missing an opportunity to inform their own staff.

I asked if anyone had ever hear of a wiki. Many heads nodded no. I asked if they knew what blogs were, which many did, so I described a wiki as a group blog that allowed collaboration, and pushed out new information in the form of RSS feeds. I promised that I would give everyone an overview of blogs, wikis, and RSS at a future meeting.

Renee Blodgett must have heard us because she has some comments today on the usefulness of wikis for collaboration.