How much proof is necessary?

We had guests this weekend so I finally got around to reading the Saturday and Sunday Toronto Star newspapers. Having read net coverage indicating that about 60 percent of the 13 million registered voters went to the polls on Sunday to vote for democratically elected leaders, I was surprised to see Linda McQuaig rather harsh column declaring that “today’s charade is simply about Iraq’s oil”.

She states “If large numbers of people are too terrified to vote, the results won’t reflect the popular will”. Apparently a majority of Iraqi citizens do believe in democracy, though I suppose that a 60% turnout still would not be legitimate in her mind.

Yet just the day before, the Star had this to say:

Canada may have given the war itself a wide berth, but our nation’s fingerprints are all over this first brush with democracy. From the secret conference in Ottawa, which last month mapped out international oversight for tomorrow’s election, to the ballot boxes themselves, the Maple Leaf will, in its own way, play midwife to what will likely be a turning point for Iraq.

The article doesn’t state exactly what Canada did.

The Toronto Star can’t seem to decide. Is this democracy or not?