Auto-Tag me.

I rarely tag my posts. I do have categories set up, but I often either can’t decide what category they fit in, or I just forget to tag them. I’m not really bothered by this, though Dave Winer felt so guilty about it that he stopped using categories, and AKMA isn’t convinced of the value.

Other people extol the virtues of tagging and the resultant social effects – whether people will want to be aggregated into larger groups (i.e. humor) or smaller groups (humor of former standup comedians whose television shows lasted more than five seasons).

I know that I’m going to forget to tag occasionally (okay mostly) but I probably want by posts to show up, so I want to be aggregated. It would be nice if my publishing software could analyze my post – latent semantic analysis perhaps – and automatically tag it if I ask it to. Or maybe Flickr or Technorati could auto-tag it for me. This would allow “tagsonomists” to impart some hierarchichal tag structure if I let them, while still allowing me fine control if I wish it.

In the same spirit as the “nofollow” tag, couldn’t there be an “autotag” tag?