Unlimited spectrum?

Dave says that spectrum is infinite and costs $35 from Network Solutions. Or $7.95 from GoDaddy.

That if course does not include the cost of bandwidth and hosting services, which can tack on quite a chunk for a high traffic site. And when mentioning podcasting we are talking about well-connected people communicating with other well-connected people. Surely this is hardly grassroots democracy. Blogs are a good example, but many people still get their information from mass media like radio, television, and newspapers.

The whole concept of Open Spectrum seems nice, but the Open Spectrum FAQ says that “we will see an outburst of innovation as people and businesses realize they can reach a broad range of people with two-way applications that rely on the rapid movement of large amounts of data”. Why have none of those applications surfaced in the current pay-for-service model? Even WiFi hasn’t taken off everywhere.

Why isn’t the provision of some basic level of connectivity a requirement of any company that wishes to purchase spectrum, just as low cost basic phone service for all once was?