Jeff Jarvis points to a couple of knee-jerk reactions to the tsunami, including a tsunami tax on Americans, and redirecting money from Iraq rebuilding to South Asia rebuilding.

I’ve also seen comments that the money for the inauguration should be donated to the tsunami effort.

I personally cannot fathom what must be involved in co-ordinating a response to a situation like this – the worst disaster the world has ever seen. I assume that it must be difficult for the government to determine how best to provide support, both financial and resource-wise. I expect that it might take some time to get it right, but the response of every nation has been overwhelming. The concern and generosity are clear. Amazon alone is up to 79006 payments totalling $4,835,338.53.

There also delicate issues to be considered and dealt with. Sri Lanka has already shunned a delegation from Israel.

It is truly sad to see some people attempt to use this disaster as a way to embarrass a country or to score cheap political points at someone else’s expense.

Perhaps rather that attacking every possible misstep, why not give people a chance to act? This is a situation that requires strategic thinking – not knee jerk reactions.