First start a conversation.

Fortune has an excellent series in their Technology section about 10 Tech Trends, one of which is entitled “Why There’s No Escaping the Blog“. The article suggests that when faced with criticism over their MSN Spaces blogging tool, Microsoft deployed Robert Scoble. The article corrects this suggestion, stating that nobody at Microsoft asked Scoble to comment.

There is overwhelming information on the net that blogs are the marketing/advertising tool that your company needs. Create a blog and the world will beat a path to your door. Robert Scoble at Microsoft is the perfect example.

Or is it? Microsoft didn’t start the blog. Scoble started blogging and established credibility long before he went to Microsoft. Microsoft, his current employer, is merely benefitting from that credibility. To their credit, they are effectively using the information that he gathers rather than ignoring it.

My point? A good blog is not the result of a marketing campaign. But good marketing can be the result of a good blog.

If you want to market your company, don’t just talk. Listen to what is happening in the world of blogs. Get involved in the conversation. Give, and take. After a while, when you want to say something about your product, people will be in the mood to listen.

This is just like dealing with people. Be a good listener. Contribute to the conversation. Then people will be happy to listen to you.

(Link from gaping void)