A different kind of news.

Our visit with family over the holidays has found me at times without an internet connection. Connecting last night I was immediately inundated with news of the earthquake and tsunami in Asia. As I read the different reports from both mainstream media as well as bloggers I realized just how much I rely on the net for both information, as well as a personal and intimate slant on that information. Within a few minutes I was able to read wire stories, personal accounts, and outpourings of sympathy – many hours before I’ll be able to read about it in a newspaper.

My world is expanded infinitely by the seamless community that exists on the internet, providing news and analysis as events unfold in real time. I still read printed news, but more and more I do so merely for the op-ed value to get the analysis from a particular viewpoint. Where I used to read two or three newspapers a day to determine the unbiased news, I can now get hundreds of points of view in minutes, giving me an instant 360 degree view of what is important in the world.