UPI and fair use.

As I was doing the last post I noticed a comment at the bottom of the UPI story:

Want to use this article? Click here for options!
Copyright 2004 United Press International

I clicked and was taken to Valeo Intellectual Property, where I saw the following:

Personal Use

Anyone is free to make one copy for personal use. This can include one photocopy, one printed copy, one email copy, or posting an HTML link (without text or photos). This includes use by a student for an academic purpose. Click on the article title above to go back to the article. From there, you can print (or use) the content as described here.

When I clicked on “More Info” I saw this:

The content will be used by one person, for personal reference, and will not be copied or redistributed to any other person in any form.

Does this mean that I can put up an HTML link as long as nobody sees it? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?