My intellectual property rights.

Everybody wants to control the rights to their intellectual property, and ensure that I don’t copy it illegally. It seems that some people would even like to eliminate fair use, which I personally believe will limit our ability to innovate based on existing intellectual property. However, I feel that the desires if copyright owners, and especially groups like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) might be more palatable if they considered my rights as well.

For example, I believe that when I buy a movie or a song, I should have the perpetual right to use the copy of the song that I have purchased in any format or any medium I desire. This means that I can listen to that song at home, in my car, on my iPod, and on my computer, wherever and whenever I wish. I will not be forced to purchase multiple copies for different media. Furthermore I am not limited to 30 days of use or 5 subsequent copies; in fact I have no limitations on making copies for my own use whatsoever. In exchange I agree to not copy the song for anyone else, keeping it only for my personal use.

In the case of a book I should have the right to both the physical and digital copies so I can read it wherever I want.

I can’t see the record companies agreeing to this because it means that since I bought the record once they couldn’t sell me the CD, and then the song over iTunes again. They probably wouldn’t willing to look past the immediate lost revenue to the increase over the long haul as everyone buys the perpetual rights to only the songs they want. And

In fact this mass customization of music to personal tastes probably would not have been possible in the past, but it certainly is possible over the internet. And I should not have to pay more than once for the right to listen/read/use something.