Hypoallergenic dining.

We were having dinner with a couple who are friends of ours last night at a fairly upscale restaurant in town. The husband is allergic to alcohol, and we were also talking about how so many kids these days are allergic to things like nuts. We then realized that a large number of items on the menu contained nuts of various kinds, so the place wasn’t exactly allergy friendly. And when we considered ordering a specialty coffee I realized that my friend couldn’t join me.

It occurred to me that it might not be that difficult to create specialty coffees that were alcohol free, not only for those with allergies, but also those who prefer not to drink for whatever reason. Does this sort of thing exist already, or is there even a market for it?

Allergies seem to have increased substantially from one generation to the next. In about 10-20 years it might be mandatory for all restaurants to be nut-free, just as so many schools are today. But for now, wouldn’t this be a great marketing benefit for a restaurant? After all, while it used to be acceptable to smoke in restaurants, nobody does now. This could be a new trend.