Unreasonable search and seizure?

Freedom of speech on the internet tends to get blurred by the laws of different regions. on behalf of Swiss authorities, the FBI paid a visit to the Seattle law office of Devin Theriot-Orr, a member of Indymedia, the Independent Media Center. A week later over 20 Indymedia Web sites were taken down when the London office of Texas-based Rackspace Managed Hosting servers hosting them were seized in Britain. The case involves undercover Swiss police officers posing as protesters at an anti-globalization rally, posted in response to groups like the Swiss police posting images of protesters, labeling them “troublemakers” and asking for information about them. There was some question as to who has issued the order, as the original order was sealed.

Keith Bankston, a lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who is fighting to unseal the order, had this to say:

“The significance of this is that apparently, a foreign government, based on a secret process, can have the U.S. government silence independent news sources without ever having to answer to the American people about how that kind of restraint could happen. Every press organization should be asking, ‘Am I next?”‘