My weekends are full of spam.

It seems that all of the spam providers save up their messages and send them to me on the weekend. They are primarily pornographic in nature, with a few mortgage and viagra ads thrown in for good measure. All of the messages indicate clearly that they are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act, but the porn certainly isn’t as it does not identify itself with the text “Sexually Explicit” in the subject line.

I still use Microsoft Outlook for email. I love Thunderbird, but still find the integrated mail/contacts/calendar/tasks/journal in Outlook quite useful. Yet when I tried to create a rule to automatically delete the messages I realized that Outlook is completely inadequate when it comes to defining the rules. A good deal of the spam comes from different ids within the same domain, so I set out to block the domain. Unfortunately, Outlook does not provide a method to select a domain name. It claims to be able to check for specific words in the sender’s address, but when I tried it failed to recognize the domain.

So I’m stuck manually deleting my email spam for now until I find a better way.