Don’t I have a choice?

It’s bad enough that I would be committing a federal crime in Canada if I dare to subscribe to DIRECTV. Today the provincial goverment in Ontario rushed through legislation to stop a U.S.-based for profit health care company from doing business in Canada, regardless of whether Canadians want it or not.

By law, Canadians are forbidden from paying for services that are covered by medicare, regardless of the government’s ability to provide those services. It is also illegal to pay to get an earlier spot in the waiting line.

Perhaps it’s just me, but if someone wants to pay for a service that they could get for free, then why not let them. This should take some strain off of the publicly funded system. The long term worry is that eventually service providers would gravitate to where the money is, but that is unlikely given that the doctor/clinic/hospital system is publicly funded and controlled. Of course to protect health care the government has set up a snitch line so that people can let them know when somebody is doing something wrong. That way we can pit people against each other.

At any rate, in a country that claims to provide personal freedom, why is my right to make choices being taken away little by little? The argument for DIRECTV being illegal is that it might detrimentally affect Canadian culture; in Canada every televison channel must be approved by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC). They can also stop a television or radio station from broadcasting if they don’t like the content. With health care it is the protection of that great Canadian legacy – socialized medicine.

We need to eliminate some of the bureaucracy and restore the right to make our own choices.