Does dieting kill brain cells?

I’m trying to be healthy so the other day I went to for some recipes that were good for me. When I went to the site using Mozilla Firefox I encountered the following:

please upgrade your browser
You’re just a few steps away from enjoying the exciting features on our site, including our online Journal, Weight Tracker, and Community Recipe Swap.

To access these features, your browser must be set up to work with some of the special coding on our tools and pages. Below is a step-by-step guide to configuring your browser so it’s compatible with our site.

I do occasionally encounter this so I switched, albeit grudgingly, to Internet Explorer 6.0. I was greeted with the same message. I quickly dashed off a note to Tech Support at including the following information:

I am using Internet Explorer 6.0.2600.0000.xpclient.010817-1148 and Mozilla Firefox 1.0PR.

They responded as follows:

We are sorry to report that the browsers below are incompatible with our website.

I.E. 4.x on PC and MAC
I.E. 5.0 on MAC
Netscape 4.75 and 6.2 on PC and MAC
Safari 1.0 on MAC
Opera (Avant)
Cell Phone and PDA Browsers
Any Version of Mozilla browsers including Firefox and Camino

We recommend that you either switch or upgrade your browser to:

I.E 6.0 and up on PC (including AOL)

Netscape 7.0 and up on PC and MAC

Safari 1.1 and up on MAC

I responded again:

Since you obviously did not read my mail, I will point out again that I am using IE 6.0 and your site did not work.

A few days later I got an email stating:

At this time, we currently support Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Safari browsers. We understand your desire to use Mozilla and other browsers to view our website and we understand that there are ways to configure these browsers which will allow you to do so. However, results may be erratic when using our site with a non-supported browser. Please be aware that we cannot support browsers that are still in the beta phase.

I once again responded that I had been using a browser they claimed to support, but I felt that I had wasted far too much time in what I thought was an effort to help them.

I went back to the site again with IE and just for fun copied the working page link from IE and pasted it into Firefox. It worked just fine. Unfortunately rather that let me decide that for myself they had decided to deny me the opportunity to use their page in my choice of browser. I guess the customer isn’t always right.

I’ve decided that I can probably find other ways to stay healthy. Perhaps another health conscious site would like to have me as a customer?