To order on the web just call 1-800…..

A few days ago I broke the belt on my Sears Kenmore vacuum cleaner. I’ve ordered parts from Sears online before, but I’m currently in Canada, and Sears is a separate company up hear, so I went to the website. It was difficult, but I finally located the Parts Inquiry page. The inquiry said that it could help to find the part I neede, and required my name, address, and email address, indicating that this information was required to improve the search. I faithfully entered the minimum required information (which still included email address), and hit the search button. The response was stunningly quick; I was immediately told that I was not authorized to use the Parts Inquiry. I repeated this process several times with the same results.

There was contact information. I found the email address for problems with the web site and sent off a quick email. Their response?

In order to resolve your inquiry and better meet your needs, we ask that you contact Sears Home Central at 1-800-469-4663. Our operators are available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Beaten, I called the 1-800 number and waited patiently for an operator. Luckily my call was important to them and they frequently thanked me for my patience. After a few minutes I got an operator and placed my order. I then mentioned that their parts inquiry did not work. She explained that I must be confusing them with Sears U.S; Sears Canada had no parts inquiry. I explained to her that I had used it, and it didn’t work. She again corrected me and said that was Sears U.S. I explained that I had just used it and failed. She said she would certainly check into that.

I’ve heard that line before. Does anyone ever really check into anything?