jetsgo: Too little, too late.

On May 9, 2004 I wrote about my poor experience with jetsgo, a discount airline in Canada. I had sent a note to their customer support email address and received no response. A second note sent a week later still failed to invoke a response.

Today, August 18, 2004, I received a response from jetsgo apologizing for the delay in responding to my complaint, with the pleasant Subject tag “Control Id 13126″. They did not acknowledge the length of the delay (over 3 months) or the second complaint. There response was

In consideration of our clientele and in order to thank you for your patience while waiting for our response, we are pleased to offer you each a credit voucher in the amount of $75.00, valid for one year applicable on seat value on our scheduled flights. This amount cannot be used to cover any taxes or surcharges. Any residual amount will be forfeited.

I will never fly on jetsgo again, so this isn’t an issue, although this does bring up an interesting point. Many times I’ve travelled for business on behalf of my company, and several times have had to endure less than stellar service. On those occasions I have complained and had my charges reduced or eliminated completely. The end result is that I suffer and my company benefits by not having to pay for it. A more pleasant offer for me personally is when the hotel offers to pick up the tab for drinks or dinner, which more accurately responds directly to my pain.

I’d be interested in hearing how others view this situation.