A predictable result?

A survey commissioned by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) found that almost 30 per cent of those who responded said downloading, file sharing and burning were the main reasons that their purchases had declined, and suggested that users download average of 180-million tracks per month. CRIA blamed CD burners and Kazaa for lost sales, stating that the use of CD burners had almost doubled from 18 per cent in late 2001 to 35 per cent today, and said this spells doom for the music industry.

As mentioned in the Globe and Mail article, recently the Federal Court of Canada ruled that the downloading described in the survey is lawful for Canadians who download for personal, non-commercial purposes and burn music on to CDs, as Canadians are already paying for their music through a levy placed on blank CDs, a levy that the music industry demanded the government institute. The copyright board of Canada, agreed with the court, and went further to say that it has already recognized the increased downloading and burning activity by expanding the scope of the levy. The levy is paid on all blank media regardless of whether it is used to burn music CDs or back up computers.