All the good domains are already taken.

I’m in the process of trying to find a name for a new company. This used to be as simple as brainstorming around the service or concept you were trying to deliver, then settling upon the right name. Unfortunately, these days one must also consider the domain name of the new entity. Even more unfortunately, virtually everthing I can come up with is already taken by someone. More often than not, they don’t even have a real website at all. And the most frustrating situation of all is the one where the name is owned by some cybersquatting company, who graciously offers to sell me the domain for a minimum bid of thousands of dollars. I finally understand why Bell Atlantic renamed themselves Verizon. Everything else was already taken.

One thought on “All the good domains are already taken.

  1. I lean toward the idea that most of the really good domains are not taken. They just haven’t been thought of yet. Something short and simple. The dictionary words are taken but with your creativity you can come up with something short and easy to remember?

    I wish I had gone with a shorter route. Folks have a difficult time spelling MANDARINDESIGN and a lot of better names were not taken back then. Dang, dangit, dangdodah,dangitty,dingdang,donga, dinga, diddledo, it’ll come to you. :-)

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