You should have to take a test.

It seems that research has suggested that there is an equation that will predict with 94% certainty whether or not a couple will be divorced. This would certainly take some of the romance out of marriage, especially on the eve of Valentine’s Day. When you go to get a marriage licence, perhaps you could just take a test. If you pass, then you get the license, otherwise you go home empty handed. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d hate to reduce love to pure math. I think there’s a little chemistry in there too, and I’m willing to take my chances.

That selection is not recognized. Try again.

Wired talks about software that will take upset callers from voice mail to a live operator. It does this by detecting frustration in their voices, or expletives in their speech. It is unfortunate that we need software to help frustrated callers, when we used to actually have customer service staff to do that years ago. It is niceto know that if one gets very upset, then someone will help them.

Is nothing sacred?

So you can use Google to search for secret documents on the internet. It seems odd that with all of the concerns about privacy, that these documents wouldn’t be available in the first place. Of course once they have been indexed by a search engine, they are available to haunt you forever. What stuns me is the number of corporate intranet sites that are exposed to the internet, and therefore extremely searchable. I’ve accidentally found a few of these myself, and they can be very informative – not that I would ever read them…

All the good domains are already taken.

I’m in the process of trying to find a name for a new company. This used to be as simple as brainstorming around the service or concept you were trying to deliver, then settling upon the right name. Unfortunately, these days one must also consider the domain name of the new entity. Even more unfortunately, virtually everthing I can come up with is already taken by someone. More often than not, they don’t even have a real website at all. And the most frustrating situation of all is the one where the name is owned by some cybersquatting company, who graciously offers to sell me the domain for a minimum bid of thousands of dollars. I finally understand why Bell Atlantic renamed themselves Verizon. Everything else was already taken.