That’s what friends are for.

A startup named Eurekster has merged social networking and searching, ostensibly so “everyone can learn from the search activity of people they know and trust.”

I may know and trust lots of people, but I’m not sure that my searches will be improved by understanding what they are searching for. Having working previously for a search technology company, I consider myself and expert searcher, often finding detailed information in one or two searches. I might therefore find my searching less effective if matched with even similar searches done by my friends.

What I would love to have is one service that would let me keep track of all of my friends, business contacts, etcetera, and then pull those into any tool (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, blog templates,…) that I want, or just reference them from that service.

One thought on “That’s what friends are for.

  1. How about somewhere where you can do professional networking and job searching? I’m working at a company that recently “restructured” (new word for downsized). The mood is a little subdued around the office and some may be thinking its time to look for other opportunities.
    The company seems to be holding up ok… they’re holding a global sales conference in las vegas, which by the way I am now going to for a day to deliver a few hours of product training.

    ps. I know you know most if this… really wanted to just say hi, how’s it going.

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