PopUp Ad Service Beats PopUp Blocker

It seems that a company in California has found a way around popup blocking software.

Perhaps the saddest thought here is the fact that this form of ridiculously intrusive advertising must work, otherwise marketing companies would have given up on it instead of finding new ways to get popup messages out. The web has spawned a new lower form of life even than telemarketers. The low cost of spamming everyone certainly makes it attractive to do regardless of how many people you offend. I’m pretty sure that cruel and unusual punishment would be perfectly acceptable in this situation.

One thought on “PopUp Ad Service Beats PopUp Blocker

  1. Lately the US is increasing heat on anti-spam and do not call lists. I think they should extend the favor to society and try to shut these bozo companies down in the same way – it is such a nuisance – Just findem and fine them :)

    Permission based marketing is the way to go, and in the end everybody wins. I wonder if there are going to be an increase in sites that co-ordinate those types of permission based schemes. I know Yahoo does a bit of that sort of thing. You can see the beginning of this with those market survey sites that pay respondents for participation in their survey.

    Cheers Larry, Great site!


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