Windows XP Home? That old thing?

Did you just buy a shiny new state of the art, latest and greatest PC with Windows XP Home on it? Perhaps the place that sold it to you forgot to mention that Microsoft won’t be supporting Windows XP Home after the end of this year. Mary Jo Foley has the scoop:

Arstechnica points out that mainstream support for Windows XP Home Edition is set to expire on December 30, 2006. There is no free extended support for consumer products under Microsoft’s lifecycle policy. So that means users who want support, including security updates, are going to have to pay. Guess that’s one way to convince (?) users to upgrade to Windows Vista, which is due out in the latter half of this year.

Generally companies try to have the replacement available before they discontinue support on the previous version. Maybe they’ll offer you a free upgrade for your trouble, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that.


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