We’re Air Canada. It’s not our problem.

I’m waiting at the airport in Toronto to catch an Air Canada flight to New York which was supposed to depart at 6:15 pm. We were here early enough to get exit row seats.

At 6:00 pm the agent said that there would be a half hour delay because of a ground problem at Laguardia. A few minutes later she announced that they were boarding and they might arrive a little earlier than they thought.

A few minutes later she announced that the flight was cancelled, and everyone could line up to have their boarding passes swapped for an 8:30 pm flight.

When I went up there I was told that there were only a few seats left on the 8:30 flight and it became fairly obvious to those of us in line that Air Canada just didn’t want to bother to fly two flights into Laguardia when they could make do with one. So what if they inconvenienced a few customers.

When I asked for their Customer Service number to complain I was told by an agent named Anne that I could "write to Mr. Milton". I commented that he probably wouldn’t care about my problem, and she said "no he wouldn’t."

It’s great to know as a customer that when you purchase a seat on a flight expecting in good faith that the flight will actually run, that you can’t in fact depend on that. Even better to know that the people who run the airline don’t really care about the customer. And best of all that the customer service line folks know the airline doesn’t care about you, and they don’t really care about you either.

There was no apology given. Just a "take it or leave it"attitude.

It’s unfortunate that this is the kind of thing that passes for customer service on "Canada’s airline". I guess that explains why airlines like WestJet are doing so well.

And to think the only reason I didn’t fly out of Buffalo this time for one quarter of the price was because I thought that Toronto would be faster.

My mistake. And one I won’t make again.

Now it would be nice if someone from Air Canada would even consider commenting. But I won’t hold my breath.

Update: So we finally get on the plane an they announce thatto make up for our inconvenience bar service will be free on the flight. So when the flight attendant finally gets to me I asked for two drinks, only to be told that it’s one drink per customer. I explained that free means free, and the flight attendant told me that they didn’t mean that. They meant to say one drink per customer. Once again, it’s not their problem.

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