New shoes.

For years I’ve been a faithful Rockport customer, always buying the same brown suede shoes. Last year the soles of both shoes in one of my pairs broke, splitting in half. The shoe store explained that they were defective, and Rockport would replace them free of charge.

I sent them in, and Rockport sent me a brand new pair of shoes as a replacement. But they didn’t replace my brown shoes – they sent me a new pair of black shoes. They honored their guarantee, but they showed little respect for my choice as a customer.

If I had wanted black shoes, I would have bought black shoes. But I bought brown shoes. And they sent me what was convenient for them, even though I had the misfortune of purchasing their defective product.

Today Rockport lost a customer. I bought a new paid of Nunn Bush shoes. They were virtually identical to the Rockports, and I paid less for them.


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