January 6, 2008.

If proposed legislation continues, January 6, 2008 is the day that Net Neutrality ceases to exist in the United States:

Absent network neutrality, network operators could dictate to customers which Internet services they could access, and at what quality. Customers of Apple’s iTunes music store, say, might find their downloads slowed down, or blocked completely, if Apple refuses to pay a transaction fee to their ISP. Users of the Vonage Internet phone service might lose their dial tones if their Internet provider wants to sell its own brand of phone service. The Internet might become more profitable for network providers, and less useful for everybody else.

If this legislation continues, that is also the day the open communication and collaboration of the internet stops.

Yes plenty of people will yell you that the telecom companies have to pay for their network somehow. Even though we are all paying already they want some of us to pay twice. Or many times.

These operators sat back while companies like Google made the internet valuable. Then they jumped in with a little blackmail:

Pay us to use our pipes or else.

So how are they different than the so called "patent trolls"? Actually they sounds like racketeers.

Is it really too late to stop the insanity?


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